What Are the Limitation with DUI Offences?

Driving under the Influence (DUI) charges are considered to be very serious under the Criminal Code of Canada. In case, a person is charged of a DUI offense, then it is important for the accused to consult a criminal lawyer Toronto immediately. This is because getting charged with DUI can cause a seriously impact a person personally as well as professionally. For instance, a DUI Toronto offense can lead a person to face serious penalties, such as jail term and even heavy fine.

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Taking the Help of Experienced Lawyers

When you are facing DUI charges in Toronto, it can come with serious consequences. Toronto has some of the strict DUI policies. All these policies may not be known to a common person. This is why taking the help of an expert criminal lawyer Toronto is always needed. The DUI attorneys having vast years of experience in this field can easily help clients to navigate through the complicated system.

A Criminal Lawyer Toronto can easily guide clients to learn about DUI and its associated consequences. Basically, the lawyer can guide clients to learn about the limitations that come with DUI prosecutions. Once a person is able to understand the limitations related to the DUI charges, it can help one to remain protected throughout the case. For instance, once the charges gets filed, if a person fails to appear at court then a bench warrant can be issued against the accused person.

Understanding the Limitations

According to DUI Toronto experts, when a person is found to be guilty of a DUI offense, the person might lose their license. Sometimes the license might be suspended for a year and the accused might need to undergo driving program again.

Most of the time, after a first DUI offense in Toronto, the accused might be let off with a warning; provided he gives a small amount of fine. Hence, understanding the limitations for drunken driving or driving under the influence can help one to handle the charges accordingly.

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The Highway Traffic Act

The Highway Traffic Act provides punishments apart from the penalties mentioned by the Criminal Code. Criminal lawyer Toronto mentions that apart from suspending the license, the drivers are made to go through remedial programs. Sometimes, ignition locks might be also installed on the vehicle. DUI attorneys’ advice people to avoid any type of DUI offences as dui charges bring a criminal record. Sometimes, criminal records can lead to restriction in their travel.

One thing which the HTA tries to point out is that the suspended license of a DUI offender can’t be revoked early. Even if the person installs ignition interlock device, the license may not be revoked. However, for a person who has committed first offense like driving over 80 or refusing to give breathe test and for not causing any bodily harm.

Criminal lawyer Toronto state that limitations for misdemeanor DUI charges are restricted to first, second, or third offenses. However, for felony DUI charges can have longer limitations. Accused person should make it a point not to miss the court dates as it would go against the accused.

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