DUI Offences

The 3 DUI Offences and Their Consequences

Drunken driving laws aren’t limited to simply alcohol impairment in an automobile. At some circumstances and past criminal convictions have an impact on how the defendant is going to be charged? For instance, the commercial truck drivers should adhere to the much strict DUI regulations that those which will affect the non-commercial motorist. Here are some of the different types of DUI charges stated by the DUI lawyer.

Aggravated DUI

Your DUI charge will worsen very quickly if your break the law in more than one way. This can include driving under influencing while speeding. This is termed as aggravated DUI.

Drunk Biking

You do not have to be in car in order to be charged with DUI. Operating other vehicles might turn out to be a basis for DUI and bicycles cannot be considered as an exception.

Commercial DUI Regulations

A majority of the people do not drink on the job. This is specifically true when the job involves drinking. Thus, driving under influence with a commercial driver’s while holding the commercial driving license.

As with a criminal charge, a person who is charged with DUI is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. However, the DUI lawyer states that if proven guilty, the penalty is going to depend on the state law and also on the aggravating circumstances. Here are some of the punishments involved with DUI charges.

Jail Time

The first offense DUI is classified as a misdemeanor. This can be punishable by six month’s jail time.  The jail time can be increased under some circumstances. Some states have severe punishments for DUI as stated by the DUI lawyer. As a matter of fact, some states have jail sentences of several days on the first offense.

However, a DUI which has been classified as a felony because the driver was killed or injured then you might be sentenced to jail for few years.


The DUI lawyer states that apart from the jail sentence, courts also have the right levy a fine. As a matter of fact, they can impose high fines for driving under influence. However, the amount might vary.

Driver’s License Issues

Being a DUI offender means that you might get your license suspended for a significant period of time. For instance, there are some states that suspend the offender’s license for about 90 days. Moreover, if you refuse to take breath, blood, and urine test, it might also get your licensed suspended.

Other Forms of Punishment

There are some state courts which include sentences that might include alcohol teaching and also prevention programs. You might be asked to go for alcohol abuse programs. As a matter of fact, you might also be asked to do community service.

DUI lawyer states that a minor who is arrested for driving under influence or drugs or alcohol will not get any type of break from the punishment. Being young will make matters only worse. Apart from the legal penalties, you might also lose your insurance policy. The insurance company might also increase the rate because of the hit to driving the record.