Come to Canada


Why People are Immigrating To Canada?

Toronto sponsorship lawyer states that one might be surprised to hear that more number of people prefers to settle down in Canada instead of the US. Many people might think that it’s simply because of the romantic image which Canada portrays. The reality is Canada is known for its humanitarianism and their pledge to tolerance. However, the main reasons to move families to Canada are mentioned below.

Welfare Programs

Canada is a country that is committed to take proper care of the residents. Hence, the state offers numerous Social Welfare programs for the citizens. Apart from the free healthcare system, Canada offers numerous other programs for their people.

Safety and Security

It is one such country which is reputed for low crime rate.

Unemployment Insurance

Sponsorship lawyer feels Canada is one such country that allows Canadian residents to enjoy 60% of their last salary in case a person is discharged from their job. However, the person should have worked for six months in Canada.

Social Welfare Allowance

Canadian residents are entitled to this allowance from the government in case the person is not able to support him/ her or is able to grab a job.


Children of the immigrants can enjoy great education facility. They can get into the top school or colleges. The government even provide free education till class 12 in public school.

Facilities for Elderly

Right from the buses to trains, buildings to streets are designed in such a way that the elderly people can use it easily.