Assault Lawyer

When a Toronto assault lawyer is hired for jail time consultation then the lawyer tries to research about the case in details. Once they are done with their research they can easily come up with various strategies. Following the strategies would help the attorneys to ensure the life of the accused doesn’t get affected.

Avoiding Jail Time: In order to avoid jail time, a lawyer may take various steps.

Defend the Case: Toronto assault lawyer feels that one way through which jail time can be avoided is not getting convicted. If the lawyer is able to get the case dismissed through motions or getting a verdict of not guilty from the jury, then jail time could be avoided.

Plea Bargaining: In a criminal case, plea bargain can prove to be very helpful. For plea bargaining, hiring an experienced attorney is important. The attorney can gather evidences and provide the best possible defense. Moreover, the attorney will ensure that they are able to work out a favorable plea bargain for their clients.

If the accused is a first time offender then plea bargains can be made to the prosecutor. An efficient Toronto assault lawyer will try their best to get the charges reduced or even dropped.

Trials: A good assault lawyer won’t even hesitate to take a case for trial sessions. This would give them an improved chance to negotiate with the prosecutor. They can even get the charges dropped for first time offenders.

Rehabilitation: An assault attorney can do their best so that their clients can get the chance to go for rehabilitation program. For instance, they can ask the jury to avoid giving a first time DUI offender jail time. Instead they should be given a chance to rehabilitate. They can take part in driving program and improve their driving skills.