9 Things a Private Investigator Cannot Do

A private investigator is a 007.

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This is what normal people think about private investigators. The problem is they often get bamboozled by the charisma of the screen dominating private investigators. The reality, however, is quite different than the silver screen. The professionals of Toronto private investigator have made a list of things that a real life private investigator cannot do. Check the following list out to get the real image of the cleaver sleuths.

Check Banking and Financial Records Out

Only a court order can make your bank divulge the protected information. Without the consent of the court or the party, it is impossible for the private investigator to find specific financial information. As per the sleuths of Toronto private investigator, they can ask around to find information, but the whole process will be considered illegal.

Phone Records

If you are not part of the legal system, then it is almost impossible for you to find our phone records. There is some unreliable way to find out the identity of the owner of a specific number. However, the private investigators cannot access the call logs and phone record of any individuals.


In cinemas, you often find that the private investigator is concealing the truth or straight out lying to get a piece of information. In reality, the private investigators are not permitted to deceive someone to fish out information. As per the Toronto private investigator, this procedure might not be illegal, but highly unethical. It is the prerogative of the court to decide whether to accept the information or to negate it.

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Using Tracking Device

Tracking a person using GPS might be highly cinematic, this, however, never takes place in real life.Placing a GPS device without the explicit consent of either the court or the individual is highly illegal.


The private investigator can never harm another person to get the required information. In real life, private investigators are as dull as every other person. This seeming dullness is their weapon to get the information discreetly while no one is noticing, explains the experts of Toronto private investigator.

Credit Checks

A private eye cannot get this information without the consent of the account holder. The credit information is only available to the account holder and the private investigator will need a legal reason along with the consent to review the credit status of any person.

Mail Tampering

Mail is a fiercely private affair. Thus, no private investigator can open a personal mail or tamper with it. If any such behavior is proved, the license of the private investigator can be revoked for the lifetime.

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Entering a private property without any permission of the owner is a legal offence. Like any other citizen, the private investigator will also get punished if he enters a property without consent.


As per the experts of Toronto private investigator, a private eye should not use wiretapping to get information out. In simple words,a person should have the knowledge that he or she is being recorded. Even in the case of recording phone calls, the private investigators should remember the word consent.

The private investigators of the television might seem to you as an alternative term of law enforcement. In reality, the private eye is as bound by the law as anyone else.The efficacy of the real private investigators, thus, is much higher than the reel ones.

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