What Are the Limitation with DUI Offences?

Driving under the Influence (DUI) charges are considered to be very serious under the Criminal Code of Canada. In case, a person is charged of a DUI offense, then it is important for the accused to consult a criminal lawyer Toronto immediately. This is because getting charged with DUI can cause a seriously impact a person personally as well as professionally. For instance, a DUI Toronto offense can lead a person to face serious penalties, such as jail term and even heavy fine.

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Taking the Help of Experienced Lawyers

When you are facing DUI charges in Toronto, it can come with serious consequences. Toronto has some of the strict DUI policies. All these policies may not be known to a common person. This is why taking the help of an expert criminal lawyer Toronto is always needed. The DUI attorneys having vast years of experience in this field can easily help clients to navigate through the complicated system.

A Criminal Lawyer Toronto can easily guide clients to learn about DUI and its associated consequences. Basically, the lawyer can guide clients to learn about the limitations that come with DUI prosecutions. Once a person is able to understand the limitations related to the DUI charges, it can help one to remain protected throughout the case. For instance, once the charges gets filed, if a person fails to appear at court then a bench warrant can be issued against the accused person.

Understanding the Limitations

According to DUI Toronto experts, when a person is found to be guilty of a DUI offense, the person might lose their license. Sometimes the license might be suspended for a year and the accused might need to undergo driving program again.

Most of the time, after a first DUI offense in Toronto, the accused might be let off with a warning; provided he gives a small amount of fine. Hence, understanding the limitations for drunken driving or driving under the influence can help one to handle the charges accordingly.

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The Highway Traffic Act

The Highway Traffic Act provides punishments apart from the penalties mentioned by the Criminal Code. Criminal lawyer Toronto mentions that apart from suspending the license, the drivers are made to go through remedial programs. Sometimes, ignition locks might be also installed on the vehicle. DUI attorneys’ advice people to avoid any type of DUI offences as dui charges bring a criminal record. Sometimes, criminal records can lead to restriction in their travel.

One thing which the HTA tries to point out is that the suspended license of a DUI offender can’t be revoked early. Even if the person installs ignition interlock device, the license may not be revoked. However, for a person who has committed first offense like driving over 80 or refusing to give breathe test and for not causing any bodily harm.

Criminal lawyer Toronto state that limitations for misdemeanor DUI charges are restricted to first, second, or third offenses. However, for felony DUI charges can have longer limitations. Accused person should make it a point not to miss the court dates as it would go against the accused.

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9 Things a Private Investigator Cannot Do

A private investigator is a 007.

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This is what normal people think about private investigators. The problem is they often get bamboozled by the charisma of the screen dominating private investigators. The reality, however, is quite different than the silver screen. The professionals of Toronto private investigator have made a list of things that a real life private investigator cannot do. Check the following list out to get the real image of the cleaver sleuths.

Check Banking and Financial Records Out

Only a court order can make your bank divulge the protected information. Without the consent of the court or the party, it is impossible for the private investigator to find specific financial information. As per the sleuths of Toronto private investigator, they can ask around to find information, but the whole process will be considered illegal.

Phone Records

If you are not part of the legal system, then it is almost impossible for you to find our phone records. There is some unreliable way to find out the identity of the owner of a specific number. However, the private investigators cannot access the call logs and phone record of any individuals.


In cinemas, you often find that the private investigator is concealing the truth or straight out lying to get a piece of information. In reality, the private investigators are not permitted to deceive someone to fish out information. As per the Toronto private investigator, this procedure might not be illegal, but highly unethical. It is the prerogative of the court to decide whether to accept the information or to negate it.

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Using Tracking Device

Tracking a person using GPS might be highly cinematic, this, however, never takes place in real life.Placing a GPS device without the explicit consent of either the court or the individual is highly illegal.


The private investigator can never harm another person to get the required information. In real life, private investigators are as dull as every other person. This seeming dullness is their weapon to get the information discreetly while no one is noticing, explains the experts of Toronto private investigator.

Credit Checks

A private eye cannot get this information without the consent of the account holder. The credit information is only available to the account holder and the private investigator will need a legal reason along with the consent to review the credit status of any person.

Mail Tampering

Mail is a fiercely private affair. Thus, no private investigator can open a personal mail or tamper with it. If any such behavior is proved, the license of the private investigator can be revoked for the lifetime.

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Entering a private property without any permission of the owner is a legal offence. Like any other citizen, the private investigator will also get punished if he enters a property without consent.


As per the experts of Toronto private investigator, a private eye should not use wiretapping to get information out. In simple words,a person should have the knowledge that he or she is being recorded. Even in the case of recording phone calls, the private investigators should remember the word consent.

The private investigators of the television might seem to you as an alternative term of law enforcement. In reality, the private eye is as bound by the law as anyone else.The efficacy of the real private investigators, thus, is much higher than the reel ones.

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Why Do Immigrants Need the Help of an Immigration Lawyer?

Anyone can dream of getting the permanent residence of a country of their choice. For getting permanent residence or for immigration, there are certain rules and regulations which an individual must abide by. For learning about those regulations you will definitely need the help of an immigration lawyer who will be able to guide you with the process of applying for immigration to countries like Canada or Ontario. By the help of, you can easily apply for immigration procedure to any country.

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Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer:

All applicants might not know about the necessary documents or the rules by which they can apply for the immigration procedure. For this reason they might take the help of an immigration lawyer. They can also represent your presence in the court against your case especially in case of emergency. Here are some of the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer.

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  • Mistakes can be avoided at a higher rate if you hire an immigration lawyer.

  • Experience matters and so they know what exactly you have to do to get the immigration of any country easily.

  • Permits and regulations are well known by the lawyer specially those who are working in the field of immigration. They can also maneuver them as necessary.

  • More options can be derived from immigration lawyer.

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  • Situation may arise that you may not understand certain language but you can take the help of an immigration lawyer in this regard.


  • Perfect advise can be given by the immigration lawyer as to how you can get permanent residence of any country in a hassle free manner.

  • The necessary and important documents can also be learned from the lawyers.

  • Any legal procedures can be made easy with the help of immigration lawyers.

  • How to find the correct job is also another question for all after getting the permanent residence. Immigration lawyer can assist with the matter.

  • The path to citizenship can also be easy by the help of an immigration lawyer.

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Situations When You Need Immigration Lawyers:

You may always go on with the process of immigration all by yourself but there may be some situations or crisis moments when you may need the help of immigration lawyer who will guide you what exactly you have to do. The situations in which you can take the help of immigration lawyers are as follows.

  • To learn more about the options for proceeding with the immigration process.

  • To know about the necessary documents for the procedure so that the applicants do not make any mistake regarding the application.

  • If somebody is looking for hiring workers from foreign they can also take the help of immigration lawyers.

  • To know more about the court proceedings regarding immigration from one country to another.

  • In cases of inadmissible also you can take the help of a lawyer who specializes in immigration.

  • If you getting confused by the innumerable number of paperwork that is to be done before seek the help of immigration lawyers.

Catch the latest immigration news here!

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